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Saturday, June 11, 2016


A Redeemer is someone who has both the right and the power to set something right.

Le Flambeau School of Driving has some previous material in it that some of you  have already enjoyed.
My previous books So There I was and So there I was in Africa, have a name on them that I no longer live by. 

It is my desire to redeem this situation. 

So if you have a book that looks like this...

Or this

I want to make you a deal. 

If you own one of these titles, I will give you a discount of $5.00. on Le Flambeau. ($10)
If you own both titles, I will sell you the new book at my cost  ($7.50) 

This presumes you can cross my path and turn in the old titles to me.

If you cannot see me this summer, You may still take the deal, but you will have to cover shipping and you will have to be willing to dispose of the old titles in a way that I approve. 



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