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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A letter from a reader - about Refugee Planet

Hi Peggy,
So, I read Messages to a Refugee Planet, and loved it. I read your introduction on not really wanting comments after preaching because perhaps people should listen to what God's Spirit is saying instead of analyzing the preach. Good comment, I thought, but then I thought, that is exactly what I'm about to do! That gave me pause for thought. So, I waited to see if the Spirit would give me anything to say back, and I waited and I waited. Finally I have had to settle for saying something which is not from God, but I think it's OK with God that I say it.

"Messages to a Refugee World is a revelation that brings us up short with the rare and astonishing truth that God thinks we are wonderful, and rejoices over our creation still. The book tells us that communities of faith can be places of restoration and Delight! That far from letting us sink in a mire of guilt and negativity, the Spirit of God urges us to speak kindness to people because kinds speaks of the deepest truth, that we are made in God's image. We are all made in God's image, not just the men, not just the whites, not just the rich or the stable, or the sorted, but everyone. When we walk guided by the Spirit of God we are unbeatable, even if we lose. With a message like this, who wouldn't choose to read this book!"

Hope all is well with you. Keep up the great work!


Phil Lane
Director, Oasis Belgium