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Sunday, September 7, 2014

In Any Decent Inquisition

I am aware that I am lucky to live when and where I do. In any other age and in many other places, my brand of uppity women don't tend to last long.

Above and beyond my tendency to mouth off, and not do as I am told, there is the fact that some people take offensive offense about the loving relationship that I keep. And yet we live with expansive liberty and joy. Mostly unharassed.

And just to push my luck I have freely published a book that would get me burned in any decent inquisition.

Now to top it off I can put onto the world wide web a brazen list of the heresies contained or implied in Miracle Motors: A Pert Near True Story.

Here they are, not complete, just the Top Ten.

10. God doesn't get mad, or even sad, when you reject God.
9. Humans are not fallen - We do not inherit sin as a birthright.
8. God speaks to me directly and often contradicts religious authorities and their interpretations of the Bible.
7. It is not possible to be disconnected from God.
6. Subverting the dominant paradigm is often a very good and Godly idea.
5. The death and resurrection of Christ had nothing to do with punishment.
4. God is often closer during sin than during righteousness.
3. Hell as a place of eternal punishment is a false construct.
2. Salvation is a transformation from good to better , not a reprieve from doom.
1. The Bible contains the best pert near true stories that I know.


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